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About us

Morfo Arkitekter AS is an architectural firm based in Oslo, operating throughout Norway. We manage projects from inception to completion. Satisfaction and return of our clients drive us to maintain our well-earned traditions, cultivated over more than 17 years of work in Norway.

We offer residential projects (single and multi-family), vacation homes, renovations (additions, extensions, and foundation work), as well as designing public, industrial, and production buildings, among others. With extensive experience in both private and public sectors (municipalities: Skedsmo, Lillestrøm, and Rælingen), and comprehensive knowledge of all procedures, we possess a robust toolset that significantly influences the entire construction process. This is why, for many years, we have been recognized as a reliable firm, dependable professionals, and experts in our field. We nurture our company’s reputation by constantly enhancing our qualifications through participation in courses, conferences, and postgraduate studies.

In collaboration with our sister company, Soluton AS, of which we were co-founders, we enhance the capabilities of Polish construction companies by conducting courses and training in building law and technical regulations. We also host periodic thematic courses dedicated to various construction technologies.

Morfo Arkitekter AS provides comprehensive architectural design services across all three project classes (known as Tiltaksklasse 1-3). Additionally, our engineers calculate concrete, wooden, and steel structures, as well as perform calculations related to building physics, where necessary.

Our projects represent a synthesis of aesthetics, functionality, and durability, characteristics we advise our clients on right from the earliest project phase. Each project we undertake is preceded by a detailed analysis of formal, technical, and topographic conditions, alongside thorough discussions with investors to best meet their expectations.

We are not merely a drawing factory!

We love what we do, which is why we engage equally in projects, regardless of their size. For 20 years, we’ve executed projects in the BIM system (Building Information Modeling).

This is particularly valuable when working with our clients, as we can showcase real-time three-dimensional effects of concepts, perform calculations, and generate material lists.

We are happy to answer your questions related to obtaining building permits, broader project design, and seamless project management right up to the final certification.


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Our specialists

mgr inż. arch. Kornel L. Wojciechowski

/ Faglig leder /Sivilarkitekt
/+47 90811551

mgr inż. arch. Katarzyna Panuś


mgr inż. Ryszard Drozd


mgr inż. arch. Kornel L. Wojciechowski

He possesses extensive experience and knowledge regarding Norwegian building regulations. Currently working as an overarchitect in Rælingen municipality, where responsibilities include issuing building permits and creating aesthetically pleasing local plans. Previously held the same position for 7 years in Lillestrøm municipality. Constantly broadening knowledge through participation in training, conferences, and postgraduate studies. Co-founder of Soluton Leader - a project management system.
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